Cord Cutter’s Guide to the MLB Playoffs

For all of the baseball fans who have recently cut the cord and are wondering how would they be watching their favorite Major League Baseball playoff. There is no need for worrying about the same. Though it may seem to be a tough task as to what channels or which route one can use to ensure that they watch interruption free MLB Playoffs. Here we bring to you a guide on how you can get that done.

TV antenna:

Yes, you have heard that right. Getting a TV antenna installed at home would allow you to watch your favorite MLB Playoffs. It is considered to be one of the cheapest as well as the easiest way to watch the playoffs. These antennas are no longer those bunny ears one. They are all high-tech that offer to pick up strong reception signals and also at the same time provide major network channels to its viewers. Hence you can be assured to get major four broadcasting channels such as Fox, ABC, CBS and NBC. The best part here is, all you would need to spend is on purchasing the antenna. Once you get the connections in place, you can watch free over-the-air live TV. The complete World Series is aired on Fox. Hence this would mean that you can get to watch some of the important playoff round by just installing a TV antenna.

Streaming options:

Another chunk of MLB playoff would be aired on the streaming services such as MLB network, ESPN and FS1. There are other major online streaming services that offer you the facility to watch these playoffs by paying the subscription fees. SLING TV allows you to watch the MLB playoff by paying a monthly subscription of $25. It basically depends on which package you would prefer to go in for. The Sling Orange is for $20 and it would allow to watch National League Wild Game Card on the ESPN as well as the American League Playoff on TBS. The Sling Blue just costs $25 and allows you to watch TBS as well as National League Games.

Another streaming option to go in for is the PlaystationVue which is a service provided by Sony. The setup is very much similar to that of Sling TV. It is not only the Playstation users but anyone else can also subscribe to their package. The initial cost is $30 per month and you get to watch playoffs on channels such as TBS, ESPN and FS1. You also get access to Fox channel if you are in a particular region.

The best option would be to combine both an HDTV antenna as well as the best streaming service option. It would ensure that you get to watch maximum playoffs without missing out on any. All of this at the cost which would not be higher than your cable bill for sure. When you go in for streaming services, check if they have a free trial option to try out before you purchase their package.