Cord Cutting Calculator

There has been a lot going about cutting the cord or ditching that costly cable or satellite service and going in favor of other better and cheaper options. One of the main reasons for making this switch is to ensure that you only pay for what you watch. Due to the soaring cable prices, more and more consumers have taken the plunge to cut the cord. The live sports content, premium channels as well as other shows which were at one time only limited to cable is now available through other options for the cord cutters. But the question arises as to, whether making this switch would really help the consumer to save money or would it mean additional burden on the pocket.

There are various websites online which provide you with cord cutting calculator. All you would need to do is just input few of your details so that it would help the calculator to finally calculate the savings done by you through cord cutting initiative.

  • Firstly, you would need to mention a baseline wherein you would need to provide the total amount you pay for the cable or satellite charges. For example, if you are paying $90 each month as part of your cable plan then it means that on a yearly basis, you are shelling around $1080 from your packet. But if you plan to drop this service and go in for certain other services or the networks own service wherein you would need to only pay $40 per month then it means that your yearly expense would come up to only $480. Hence you would be saving $600 on a yearly basis. This is surely a huge saving.
  • So now the next step is to mention which all streaming services you have applied for and what is the plan or how much you spend for those plans. This helps in providing a clearer picture as to what are or what could be your future monthly or yearly expenditure. There are hosts of online streaming services you can pick from, Hulu which is a $95.88 annual plan, DirecTV Now is a $420 annual plan, Amazon prime is only for $99.99 yearly plan, Sling TV is just for $240 on a yearly basis, Netflix is for $ 107.88 annually and MLB TV would cost around 109.99 per year. These are just few of the commonly used streaming service providers mentioned. There are hosts of others, which you can select from.
  • In certain cases, you can also provide details on if you are making use of any other phone service as well such as Skype.
  • Finally, the calculator would mention the total savings done by you on the basis of the detail that you have punched in. Note that these numbers may not be inclusive of tax but surely this kind of saving would be significant. Hence it is advisable to carry out a calculation of your saving if you are a cord cutter so that it allows to stay on the right path and there is no unnecessary spending.