How can I get more broadcast TV channels?

There is a common question that occurs in the mind of the cord-cutters, as to what channels they would be getting when they do not have any cable or satellite service. But you would be happy to know that there is an option to receive free broadcasting television just by installing a TV antenna. The channels that you would be receiving upon installing the antenna would be dependent on where you reside exactly. The broadcast television channels are sent over to the powerful antennas which then get broadcasted to your house. Then the TV antenna or the tuner would transcode those signals which were sent over. Few of the major broadcasting channels include, ABC, NBC, Fox, PBS and CBS.

In the olden days when the antenna was just newly in rage, people used to only get 8 or 9 local channels. But those days have long gone. Today with the changes and advancement in technology, you can easily receive more than dozens of channels based on various factors. Below are few of the ways wherein you can receive more broadcast channels.

Identify the placement:

Whether it is the indoor antenna or the outdoor antenna, getting it placed right would ensure that you receive more number of channels. Especially in case of an indoor antenna, the placement is very important since the signals tend to get weaker indoors. Hence indoor antennas are mostly recommended for those who reside in areas which get strong signal strength. You can visit websites such as FCC or TVFool wherein they provide details on which direction the signals are coming from. With the help of these resources, you can accurately place the antenna.

Make use of a long coaxial cable:

Just because you have already received a coaxial cable with the antenna, it would not mean that you need don’t need any additional cable. Though technically speaking, the longer the length of the antenna there would be reduction in the signal strength. But if this longer length allows the antenna to be installed at the highest point then it is surely worth it. Ensure to make use of RG6 coaxial cable. Due to the long cable, it can help in moving the antenna around for receiving more number of channels. Note to not use cable unnecessarily, else it would reduce the signal strength.

Reduce the electronic interference:

When there are electric equipment’s in the house then it can cause interference with the TV reception. When there is too much of interference, you can simply unplug all of the electronic device such as DVD’s, Wi-Fi routers, set-top box or any other electronic device. Unplug everything except antenna and TV power. Then carry out a re-test. Once you see that it shows more number of channels or the reception quality improves then you can slowly switch on each of the electronic device. By doing so, you can identify the actual source of interference.

Amplifier/Signal Booster:

For those who reside in areas where the signal is weak or if you need to extend the coverage area then you can also add in an amplifier or a signal booster. The amplifier would work for all those stations which show red or yellow in the search results. Note that the amplifier would not work well if you already have strong signals.